All men and boys can live a healthy, happy, and long life.

Empowering men towards their best with Dean Dyer.

Meet Dean

Men's health and wellbeing Expert

After 25 years of working on my own health and wellbeing, physical, mental, social, spiritual. 

Now I am able to save you time and effort, with some of my inspirational models and easy to digest information you will save yourself a lot of time, money, and heartache.

After thousands of hours of my work with men, you can access that knowledge quickly and easily.

Just contact me for a chat  to see what may fit you the best.

I work with individual men, small groups of men and the workplaces and agencies that have men in them.

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What I Specialize In

Get in touch to talk about any of these:

Men's health and wellbeing presentations / workshops, mentoring.

Physical and mental health for blokes. 5 big risks and 5 big life savers for men.

Learn all about the new WA Men's health and wellbeing policy, what is in it and how it can help your agency / service with male clients.

Men's peer groups, what are they, how to start one, how to sustain one, presentation / workshop, mentoring.

The 4 archetypes of the mature masculine: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover presentation / workshop, mentoring.

Men's books groups, facilitated discussions. Starting with 'War and the Soul' then 'Manhood' and 'Fire in the belly'!

Healthy Cooking

With a few simple tools and basic information all men can make the changes to live long, happy lives.

Dean’s expertise and experience ‘talking the language of men’ was instrumental in identifying key barriers to address, along with what works and doesn’t work when ‘helping’ men.

It was a pleasure working with Dean and we would like to say thank you for contributing to our successful events as well as advocating for the health of men in our community.

- Jessica Sankey

Community Development Officer (Health and Wellbeing),

City of Rockingham​

Dean’s presentation style combined with his blue collar and heavy industry background allowed for a connection with our workforce that wouldn’t be possible with the sharing of clinical knowledge alone.

- Paul Osborn
Health and Hygiene Advisor

Thank you so much for coming into the University yesterday. I was amazed to see the room absolutely jam-packed with blokes who were eager to hear what you had to say. Dean, the content, pitch, interest, importance and delivery were second-to-none.


- Neil Butler
Planning, Quality and Equity Services Centre
Edith Cowan University

Let’s Get Healthy and Happy Men!

Here are some of my offerings.